Tattoo The Scars is: Marcus Davis, Billy Grey & Dusty Winterrowd

Though relatively new, a lot of people are soon to know the name Tattoo The Scars!! Why, you ask? Well, first and foremost, their music is just awesome. As evidenced by their debut single “Bridges Burned”, that is currenty playing on SiriusXM Octane!! These musicians sure now how to perfectly meld hard-hitting and catchy riffs with just the right amount of melody to create a fist-pumping arena-ready anthem. Secondly, speaking of the band’s members, the tri-state act features seasoned audio junkies including Guitarist Billy Grey (Fozzy), Drummer Dusty Winterrowd (Year Of The Locust, Alelle, Cyberstar), and Vocalist Marcus Davis(Ph8, Methods of Mayhem). Lead single “Bridges Burned” was recorded at Tempe, AZ’s Good Sound Studios with Producer and From First to Last guitarist Matt Good (Asking Alexandria, Attilla, Hollywood Undead, The word Alive, Otherwise) and we can now confirm that Tattoo The Scars will issue their debut full-length in 2019 with touring plans to come as well. For now, though, check out the group’s song and video, and follow them online. Speaking of the new tune, the guys collectively noted: “‘Bridges Burned’ is a song about recognizing and accepting your past. It is about championing the ability we all have to move forward and learn from every mistake we’ve made. Everybody makes bad decisions in life. It is all about what we do with our lives after those bad decisions and how we pick ourselves back up. This song is a call and a reminder to everyone that it is never too late to change. Life isn’t over until it is over.”

Marcus Davis 


Methods of Mayhem Vocals and Composer on A Public Disservice Announcement 2010 RoadRunner Records 

Tommy Lee 

PH8 Vocals 

Stands With Fist Vocals

Billy Grey 


Lead Guitarist Fozzy Century Media  Judas 


Released: May 5, 2017 Charted #5 Billbord 
"Drinkin' with Jesus" 
Released: September 15, 2017 
Released: September 29, 2017 Charted #7 Billboard 
"Burn Me Out" 
Released: July 21, 2018 Charted #18 Billboard 

Billy Grey  other releases  with Fozzy : Do you want to start a war  single Lights Go Out charted #29  Sin and bones  

Dangerous New Machine : Set the world on fire : With Erik Rogers (Stereomud) 

Love Said No with Frank Fontsere (Fozzy ) Erik Rogers (Stereomud) Bobby Burns (Primer 55 Soulfly) 

Sound device and Method 51

Dusty Winterrowd 


Pearl Endorsed 2011 to present 

Sony Extreme Music Published Artist 

Bands : The Chaos Agent  Allele with Kelly Hayes (Cold) Kaldera with Nick Catanese  (BLS) recording project with J sin and JR P55 Cyberstar Jasen Moreno and Billy Grey (Fozzy Drowning Pool) 

Current Drummer for Year of the locust The Label Group Ingrooves Universal  Just wrapped up sold out Tour with Tesla